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The Cederberg Tour
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The Cederberg named after the endangered Clanwilliam Cedar a magnificent and breath taking wilderness north of Cape Town, famous for its so called savage beauty the mountains are known for dramatic rock formations, most famous thereof being the Stadsaal Caves and San Rock Art. The Cederberg extends 50km north-south by 20km east-west. Most notable mountains are Sneeuberg ( 2026 m ) and Tafelberg. (1969 ) and interesting landmarks are Maltese Cross, Wolfberg Arch and Wolfberg Cracks. Predominant vegetation is mediterranian Fynbos in the wetter South and West changing to semi desert scrub in the north and east. Home only to the Snow Protea in the higher attitudes of the mountains. Apex preditors are the Felids Leopard and Caracal . Other mammals include Rock Hyrax ( Dassie ) , Meerkats, Mangooses, Bontebok, Gemsbok and Cape Mountain Zebra , Baboons , African Wild Cat, Porcupines , Honey Badger, Cape , Cape Clawless Otter, Aardvark, Lynx, Bat- Eared Fox, and Aard Wolf,

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